The Albanian Adventure Tourism Academy (AATA) will fill the gap for professional trained guides and will put Albania on the map in terms of providing innovation in the field of edu-tourism. As part of the AAR, it will serve to feed the center’s need for professionals in 15 outdoor sports planned to be developed around the centre.

The AATA objectives within the AAR structure:

  • Training centre for adventure tourism professionals (guides, managers, others),
  • Development and implementation of education programs with the MES;
  • Hosting national and international sports championships, festivals, and events for the purpose of team building;
  • Welcome centre for Albanian and foreign students exchange programs.

The AATA activities:

  1. Training 
  • Development of training curricula for adventure tourism professionals,
  • Capacity building for educators, supervisors and coordinators of the MES education program;
  • Human capacity building for outdoor center management and professional guides.
  1. MES Education Program Development


  • Development of curricula and Masterplan for children 10-18 years old,
  • Development of curricula and Masterplan for all year activities.

   Raising Awareness on Adventure Tourism Training

Elaborate activities and events to promote AATA through broad PR and marketing such as:

  • Organization of a regional FAM tour with journalist from the Balkan countries,
  • Organizing a series of roundtables and meetings in Europe and the region;

Communications and PR