Dardhe, Tomor, Lybesh, Kapinove – Mount Tomorr

All the four villages are situated in the beam of Mount Tomorr and sometimes il look like the peeks of the mountain will embrace the villages. Visiting them it’s like time traveling, because people in remote villages are just as surprised to see visitors as they were back in those days, greeting them with the same guest rituals by opening their houses, treating them with the same honour and respect Albanian hospitality is so much praised for. That same centuries old motto which best describes Albanian hospitality ‘’Buke e kripe e zemer’’, literally means ‘’Bread, salt and a kind heart’’ and shows exactly the values of the Albanian spirit: all that I have which might not be much…I will share it with my guest who honoured my house with his presence.

Drobonik – Berat

The village Drobonik is situated just 5 km away from Berat. In the center of this village is the church of St. Miter, which presents a large-scale church with three nephes divided by three columns with high arches. Drobonik Village is distinguished for many agricultural products and many people in the area call it the cherry village due to cherry blossoms.

Bogova Village – Skrapar

 Bogova is found on the way to the Osumi canyons. The village holds one beautifull waterfall. From the center of the village until reaching the waterfall there is around 40 min walk. Part of a natural protected area, water fall gives you a wild life feeling. The water coming down from the rocks, has created a nature small pool about 8 meters

Bënja– Përmet

Located to the southeast, near the national road crossing the town of Permet and the Customs of 3 Bridges bordering Greece, Bënja is one of the most picturesque villages of Permeti region. Boasting well maintained houses, an orthodox church dating back to the 18th century, year-round greenery as well as thermal springs by the same name, Bënja has long developed into a cool destination for holiday-makers and thrill-seekers.