AAR with its core team, composed of people who love nature and community seeks to show that sport brings together groups of people with different backgrounds, without knowing the differences of race, sex, age or religion, who all have a breakthrough common. The involment in AAR is teaching us some of the most important human values: dedication, perseverance, willingness to work and teamwork and  how to deal with our success and how to deal with our failures. So, perhaps the greatest merit is that sport teaches us more about life itself.

Saimir Ruçi, CEO

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Saimir Ruçi, 29 vjeç, i diplomuar ne Fakultetin e Ekonomisë, pranë Albanian University. Anëtar i Shoqatës së Kontabilisteve të Miratuar prej 3 vitesh. Prej 3 vitesh ushtron profesionin e kontabilistit dhe prej Janarit 2018 është i angazhuar si administrator pranë Albanian Adventure Resort, iniciativa me përgjegjësi sociale e zhvillimit të sporteve në natyrë midis Federatës Shqiptare të Rafting dhe Ministrisë së Arsimit, Sportit dhe Rinisë. Prej 5 vitesh është pjesë e Federatës Shqiptare të Rafting duke dhënë kontributin e tij si vullnetar duke ndihmuar federaten ne misionin e saj. Gjatë viteve Saimiri është marrë dhe trajnuar nga FSHR për sportet aventure rafting, kayak, hidrospeed, kanotazh, kacavjerrje, climbing, snorkeling. Se fundi është pjesë e programeve të edukimit dhe formimit professional që Federata Shqiptare e Rafting ofron.

Zamo Spathara, founder of the rafting activity in Albania

Zamo Spathara is the founder of the rafting activity in Albania. He leads, guides, directs and evaluates the work of other executive managers in Albanian Adventure Resort. Zamo formulates and implements the strategic plan that guides the direction of the organization or their area of responsibility. He achieves the organization’s overall strategic goals and profitability requirements as determined by the strategic plans. Evaluates the success of the organization.  Zamo Spathara is awarded “Man of the Year 2013” by the Municipality of Berat with the motivation “for contribution to the development of rafting and tourism, the implementation of various activities with social impact on storage and transmission of cultural heritage, natural and human in berat city.” Zamo creates, communicates, and implements the organization’s vision, mission and overall direction.


The first ideas for the development of rafting in Albania born in 1985, when Zamo Spathara today President of Albanian Rafting Federation, went to Hambull, a village in Skrapar, at the edge of the Osum River. He started immediately and adventure with the wheels of trucks, exploring for the first time Osumi Canyons. Everything started from the dream of one man, followed by the tireless actions of hundreds of young people full of faith who made possible the presentation of AlbaniaNext, a place to explore, in the middle of Europe.

Doina Huso, Project Manager AAR

Doina Huso is the AAR’s Project Manager since January 2015. Ms. Huso has started her career as the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist for USAID/CED Rritje Albania project, one of the biggest economic growth projects ever established in Albania that lasted over 5 years. She continued to work as the Communications and PR specialist for USAID’s JuST project getting in depth in issues such as Rule of Law and Jusitce Strengthening. Prior to joining the AAR Ms. Huso has implemented several small projects with the Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance and has worked as a part time consultant for NGOs and project impact evaluation teams, specifically in ICT for Development and Transparency.   She holds a MSc in Business Informatics from the University of Tirana, Faculty of Economics and an MBA from the University of Kyoto in Japan. She is a certified yoga instructor who loves nature, outdoor activities and is passionate about environmental issues and women empowerment. She has volunteered in different causes such as Gerladine Orphan Shelter OSAAB, the AHRP and UWCO Scholarship Committee.

Gazmend Shehu, Trainer

Gazmend Shehu was born in Berat. He is a teacher of Physical Education syllabus. A man in love with sport, with many achievements and medals in national and international marathons, challenge himself at the age of 52 years by exercising a new sport for Albania: rafting. After hard work in 2012 is part of the national team “Albanian Eagle”, which was represented for the first time in Albania in the final of the World Rafting Championship in Czech Republic. Today, as one of the trainers of rafting and hiking, he is dedicated to the education and training of young people to practice rafting.

Gazi is responsible of teaching students how to play sports, administering national physical education tests, monitoring students’ progress, meeting the physical needs of students with learning and physical disabilities, grading student performance and communicating with teachers and parents.

Griselda Gjasta, accountant

Griselda Gjasta was born in Burrel. A successful financier who believes that Albania has great potentials for tourism development. It therefore voluntarily offers its contribution to the progress of various projects of the AAR. Energetic and tireless activities, helps to achieve the objectives, becoming part of the ARG progress.

Gridela takes care of:

  • preparing accounts and tax returns
  • administering payrolls and controlling income and expenditure
  • auditing financial information
  • compiling and presenting reports, budgets, business plans, commentaries and financial statements
  • analysing accounts and business plans
  • providing tax planning services with reference to current legislation
  • financial forecasting and risk analysis
  • dealing with insolvency cases
  • negotiating the terms of business deals and moves with clients and associated organisations
  • meeting and interviewing clients, managing colleagues, workloads and deadlines

TOK / Digital Agency , marketing consultant

TOK / Digital Agency

TOK takes care of:

Client Service: Works with Corporate Communications team to develop promotional materials required for various internal communication strategies

External Communications: Assists with the creation and execution of brand and marketing initiatives for AAR

Brand Management: Assists with maintaining a consistent “look & feel” for all external messaging and creative executions of AAR.

Nentor Oseku, lawyer

Nentor was born in Gjakova. He is a lawyer by profession that has dedicated his time in the sustainable development of tourism. November Oseku is passionate about nature and its beauty since childhood. Beauties of Sharr mountain slopes has charmed him since he was born. He was initially taken to skiing, to continue with cycling, climbing, paragliding. His love for nature is extended to the beauties of the river, when in 2010 he was dedicated to the sport of rafting becomingone of the biggest supporters of outdoor activities. Rafting ambassador in Kosovo, distributing information, photos, videos and his for real experience. Nentor was awarded with international awards for artistic photography from Wikipedia and Insta Kosovo. Nentor is responsible for supporting the communication and networking of AAR in international area.