Albanian Rafting Federation

Albanian Rafting Federation (ARF) has helped in developing sustainable outdoor tourism attracting an increasing number of tourists in remote areas and extending the time of their stay in Albania. The contribution of ARF has been continuing in generating revenue for local tourism, while maintaining the authentic values of the area, creating new jobs activities through vocational training of young people in the direction of entertainment activities.

Ministry of Education and Sports

The Ministry of Education and Sports is the state authority presiding over Higher Education and Sports in Albania. In terms of science, it supports the activities of the relevant state institutions and of the personnel serving in these institutions. It encourages the development of scientific and technological activities even outside the state institutions, supporting a range of private (organizations and persons), domestic and foreign entities and NGOs and agencies etc, which are specifically concerned with scientific research in Albania. The state policies regarding scientific research and technological development activities are an integral part of the country’s general economic and social development policies.

Albania Development Fund

Here is AAR’s first cell, the welcoming unit, under construction to be opened soon (Foto te godinave)